How much do you charge?

All of our packages are listed under our page titled 'Investment'. Please set up a consultation with us for more accurate pricing.

Do you travel for shoots?

YES, absolutely! We love traveling and we are always looking for opportunities to do so. Contact us and we will work out details on how to make that possible.

Will you give us RAW footage?

We do not give our raw footage to our clients. As artists, we carefully craft the final product you will receive. Our philosophy is that our time and artistry are what you are paying for. If you would like longer video documentation of your day in addition, we would recommend having someone set up a camcorder on a tripod that can be moved around throughout the day.

Will you both be there for the shoot?

Yes! We always stick together. However, Annie is the only one who will be shooting for Boudoir Photography/Videography.

Do you do photography as well?

Yes! We do both videography and photography. Learn more about our pricing on our Investment page.

I reached out to you. Now what?

Expect a response within the next 24 hours. Also, get prepared to go on a date with us! We always try to meet our clients in-person over coffee/tea or cocktails. In this industry, chemistry between us is everything and will determine how well we work together!


Contact Us

We can't wait to talk to you about how we can best tell your story. Just a heads up - we'd really like to meet you in person! Determining chemistry between both parties is so important, especially for you as the client! Include in your message if you're able to do so. If not, give us a few times to hop on Skype or Facetime. 

Looking forward to meeting you. :)

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