For Filmmakers

I had this crazy idea that maybe sharing my experience as a woman filmmaker could do something for someone else. 

If you are a filmmaker or a photographer or just someone curious about what it's like to be a wedding filmmaker, I thought if I could pour out my thoughts into the universe, that it could lead someone else to a new curiosity or question or answer. Even if it doesn't, that's okay too. If it does, then I have done my job. 

The point is, all you can do as a human being is to live and speak out your truth. I'm thinking of this as more of an open diary than a podium where I can teach, though I hope that you walk away with something shiny and new.  I'm letting you into my experiences but also my inmost thoughts, curiosities, fears. In doing so, I hope that it might resonate with you in some way. Happy reading!

From one human to the next,