Bella Luna Films started with our own love story.

Believe it or not, our second date ever was a stroll through Queen Anne Hill where Annie filmed Logan for a class project. We fumbled with the camera settings trying to figure out how to use the dang thing. Fast forward years later, both of us graduated from the University of Washington after committing our undergraduate years to media production, art, and improving on our craft. We combined our skills and passion to give life to Bella Luna Films, where we have created so many important memories together with amazing, amazing people.

Adjectives to describe Logan: Silly, trailblazer, adventurous, creative, laid-back, easy-going, kind, humorous. 

Adjectives to describe Annie: Thoughtful, sweet, quiet, shy, attentive, adaptive, romantic, empathetic, and determined.

 Things we both love: Strong coffee, craft cocktails/beer, hiking, our family, our chihuahua named Bella, musical movies, live music, dancing, house hunting for fun, and decadent chocolate cake.