We are a husband-wife cinematography team based out of Seattle, WA.



Dear fellow human being,

We might not know you (yet) but we hope to learn about you, inside and out. What makes you cry? What makes you laugh? What makes you think?  You are here for a very important reason.   Whatever exciting, beautiful, painful, amazing, wonderful, crazy, utterly-human adventure you're on right now, we want to hear your story uncensored and unfiltered.  

We're listeners. We're storytellers. We're artists. We're Bella Luna Films.

Photo credit:  Goldlight Photography

Photo credit: Goldlight Photography

It started with our own love story.

We are a husband-wife cinematography team based in the Seattle area. Our second date ever involved Annie filming Logan for an art project in college. Once we both graduated from the University of Washington studying film, media, and art, we combined our training with our passion for storytelling to give life to Bella Luna Films. Now we serve couples and individuals in Washington and beyond, sharing stories to the world.

Why us?

  • You are unique. We know it. We don't have templates, we don't have posing lists, and we won't get in your way. We are flies on the wall who document your life for a brief moment. Our main goal is for your personality shine through and keeping it as natural as possible.

  • Just for you. We call ourselves a "boutique business" because we are all about going above and beyond for our select clients. Amazing service and creativity is given at 110% because we focus on a limited number of projects a year. We'll give you and your film our undivided attention.

  • We want to make you cry. In a good way, of course. If you're a sappy sentimentalist like we are, you're in the right place. Some films make you laugh, some films make you go "aww...", our films just. make. you. cry.

Last words: We love people infinitely more than we love things. Our focus is on the beautiful, nuanced emotions throughout the day that usually go unnoticed.  The tears, the laughter, the heartbreak, the pauses, the hugs and kisses - this is why we do what we do. Filmmaking is how we live in this world with intention and purpose. Through our work, we are reminded of the human capacity to love, to be brave, to empathize, and to make a difference. Our collective stories are meant to be shared with the world - to inspire; to connect; to make others feel. 

Photo credit:  Goldlight Photography

Photo credit: Goldlight Photography


We believe...

Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values.
— Ellen Degeneres



“It wasn’t until I met Annie that I discovered the art of film. She asked me to act as a model in one of her class films. We started dating quite soon afterwards. It was then that Annie encouraged me to apply to the Media & Communications program at the University of Washington. I finally got my hands on what it was like to shoot and edit a final project. Other than being a tech geek, I loved seeing the different ways we could capture a single emotion or feeling, and replay it over and over."



"I never thought that I would be a filmmaker someday. I come from a family of doctors, dentists, accountants, and engineers. I went through many drastic career transitions, but one value throughout them all stayed the same - I wanted to participate in the meaning-making of people's lives and experiences. There's nothing more thrilling for me as when our work moves another person to awe, wonder, or even tears. To be able to deliver a message about our raw humanity is so powerful and absolutely magical. It is facilitating human connection in its purest form."