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The Greatest Gift | Jessica and Ryan Seattle Wedding

We've been quiet here at Bella Luna Films because I've been working on my personal health. Each time I want to step away from the business, our couples bring me back through the beauty and love I experience in telling their stories. 

It was SO fun telling this particular love story. Spoiler alert: Jessica and Ryan met at a wedding. Jessica was dancing with her wine glass on the dance floor. Ryan noticed her. The rest is history.

It has been such an honor to have Jessica and Ryan as one of our couples and our new friends. We got to have them over for dinner and a viewing of their wedding film for the first time. We got a little buzzed off of some yummy almond-flavored wine and craft cocktails, which made us all pretty emotional when we finally watched the film after dinner. I absolutely adore these two and can't be happier that the universe brought us four together. 

I hope you enjoy!

Annie Tran