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The Sophomore & Beautiful Girl in the Glasses | Paco + Kendall

Kendall and Paco - where do I even begin? 

They are two of the most compassionate and caring souls I’ve ever met and whose love for one another is evident to everyone around. 

Kendall and Paco are not just clients to us. They’re also friends of ours, so it was fun to really tease out their wonderful individual personalities and their magnetic dynamic when editing this video.  

Their passion for one another is astounding. Their vows were evident of that. 

Their love story isn’t out of the norm but it is a great one! Paco was a seasoned sophomore who fell in love with a beautiful freshman girl in glasses at a college party. She needed time and convincing before agreeing to a date with Paco. Thank goodness she did because - well, you’ll see. 

Enjoy our video in HD! 

Annie Tran