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Love like this: Mariel + Aaron Love Story Film


A week before their wedding, Logan and I met with Mariel and Aaron at Discovery Park in Ballard, WA. Mother Nature decided to treat us Seattleites that day with a refreshing breeze and an extraordinarily romantic amber sunset.

You'd never know it from the video but Aaron and Mariel mentioned that they were a little nervous being in front of a camera, so we decided to give them some space to comfortably divulge in some honest, raw, intimate conversation.

"Can we all aspire to love like this - with absolute vulnerability?" 

It was only in post-production that Logan and I were able to piece the audio together with the video. Logan and I were blown away by their honest vulnerability. Simultaneously, we were SO grateful that they trusted us enough to film this very special moment in their lives. Can we all aspire to love like this - with absolute vulnerability?

To Mariel and Aaron: 

We hope you'll have a lifetime of exciting adventures together, exploring this wonderful world and the depths of your love for one another.


Annie  + Logan




Annie Tran