We are a husband-wife cinematography team based out of Seattle, WA.







Peter + Sandy: Family Photoshoot with Baby Emmy

Peter and Sandy... where do I begin to describe how much I love them both?

They were Bella Luna Films' official first clients.

Peter, my older brother, was actually the person who encouraged me to pick up the camera and take my career as a creative professional seriously. I'm so grateful to have Sandy as my sister-in-law. She always amazes me with the grace, love, and fortitude she exudes. 

OH. And I don't need to say much about my adorable, squishy, lovable pudge-muffin of a niece, Emmy. AHH!

This was kind of a "thank you and sorry" present to them for letting us use them as guinea pigs for their wedding. (lol.) Needless to say, their wedding film had some holes. Thank you and I'm sorry, Peter and Sandy. <3

I hope that as Bella Luna Film grows that I'll be able to dedicate my skills to telling their story.

Anyways, enough talking. Here are the photos from my day out in Claremont, CA with the Wong-Tran fam.

Annie Tran