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Curator vs. Viewer: Why changing up the POV is critical

As the year is reaching that time where everything happens a million mph, I looked over our work portfolio for our first year as an official company! (YAY) 

As I walked through each project, I relived the depth of the raw emotions I felt when I was standing there capturing the moment. The thought that kept cycling through as I went through our portfolio was, 

'HOLY CRAP. How did I become so lucky to be able to chase my passions?'

It hasn't been easy. There were many times this year where I was distracted. Editing can really desensitize you sometimes. I'm a perfectionist, so I've seen these videos a 101 times. At some point, of course, I became sick of looking at it.  

This time, I just watched, not as Annie, the curator or the cinematographer. I viewed the videos as Annie, the human being - soaking in every precious moment shared between two people, wondering what the subjects must have been feeling or thinking at that very moment. I cried like a baby.

Note to creative professionals: It's essential to put yourself on the receiving end of your work from time to time. It makes you appreciate the work you do and why you do it so much more.

Thank you to all of our lovely, lovely clients this year. You've given me more than a paycheck and yummy wedding food. You have given me work that continues to challenge me as a person and professional, expanding my skill set and my heart.

From one human to the next,